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Blackheath Junior Squash Syllabus - Beginners Levels 1 - 3

Each week, we will concentrate on a different aspect of the game, enabling players to move up through the Levels as their proficiency increases. The sessions for the next term are shown below...

Level 1

5 Press ups

Players who are brand new to squash start at Level 0 ie ungraded and to gain their Level 1, they need to show they have understood the three basic shots of squash :

1. a straight drive,

2. boast off the side wall and

3. a drop to each corner

5 Sit Ups

5 Squat Dips

Play a Drive from ball fed off side wall

Play a Drive from ball fed off front wall

Play a Boast from ball fed off side wall

Play a Drop from ball fed off front wall

Roll ball around racket 5x on FH and BH sides

Knows the rules of rallies

Can point to parts of the court that are "in" and "out"

Co-operative rally in V shape to each other

Level 2

7 Press Ups

At Level 2, shots should be more recognisable, on trget and tighter. Players should also be able to demonstrate a lob shot that looks different to a Drive Shot.

7 Sit Ups

7 Squat Dips

Play drives back to service box from ball fed off front wall

Play boast to ball fed off side wall, should look like a boast, and move to opposite corner

Play drop shots which bounce off front wall then side wall

Play lob serve landing in service area

Understand and exhibit good Grip

Start shots with racket up

Demonstrate good swing action

Stands in right place to receive serve - does not avoid BH

Player moves to T after every serve

Pick ball up off floor by rolling onto racket

Throw ball in air, bounce on strings then catch ball in hand

Bounce ball on racket 5 x FH & BH

Understands rules around serving, including feet and lines

Player runs to each corner, through T each time, plays ghost shot in each corner

Play Volley back to self off wall

Plays 5 FH drops back to self, 5 BH drops, 5 FH volleys, 5 BH volleys, 6 drops across corner

Level 3

10 Press Ups

Level 3 is the last Level in the Beginner Group, so to get through this, we are looking for players to start demonstrating a good swing, ie not “pushing” the racket with no force. Movement around court needs to developing and the player needs to have developed enough control over the ball to be able to hit drives back to themselves on both FH & BH with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

10 Sit Ups

10 Squat Dips

30 Second Plank

Understand and exhibit good Grip when prompted

Start shots with racket up most of the time

Demonstrate good swing action most of the time

Keeps feet well inside markers placed 50 cm from wall when playing rally most of the time

Play 5 straight drives landing behind the Short Line from ball fed off front wall

Play Drive to large target, moving to and from "T"

Play boasts that hit front wall BELOW the Cut Line

Play drop shots which bounce off front wall then side wall, and don't bounce too far back

Play Lob to ball fed off front wall

Play lob serves - naturally moving to "T" after each serve

Capable of returning serve on FH & BH

Name and demonstrate 3 shots to play for a ball hit into the "dead" zone

Pick up ball off floor with double tap

Referee a match using American (Point a Rally) Scoring

Hit ball SIDE to SIDE wall with correct swing movement on FH & BH

Plays volleys back to self, moving forward & back, controlling ball