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Awards & Junior Squash Syllabus

Attendance Awards

Attendance awards are given as follows :-

10 sessions       Bronze Medal

25 sessions       Silver Medal

50 sessions       Gold medal

100 sessions      Trophy

Players can see how many sessions they have attended here

Player of the Season

Every quarter a “Player of the Season” award is given; often more than one. These are given to the players who have tried the hardest, achieved the most & shown a good attitude - so anyone could win one !

Winners receive a trophy engraved with their name to keep on their trophy shelf at home !

Our Squash Syllabus

We have developed a squash syllabus that takes players through 9 progressively more difficult Levels, from complete beginner to advanced team standard player. Players are promoted to the next Level when the coaches consider them ready and this unlocks a new set of challenges - more difficult shots, tactics, drills and a higher level of expected fitness. We’ve found this a very effective way of advancing players’ ability and ensuring sessions are tailored to individuals’ ability.

Similar to the martial arts’ belt system, players are awarded differently coloured Shoe Tags, which they can tie to their shoelaces and which show what Level they have reached. Everyone wants to move up to the next Level and eventually reach “Black Tag” !