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Blackheath Junior Squash Sessions

Squash is a game that can be played all year round in all weathers. Played properly, it burns a huge number of calories and uses every muscle in the body. As well as physical fitness, it builds mental strength - setting goals, quickly making decisions, learning to win and how to cope with losing (when there’s no-one else in the team to blame) all build young people who look after themselves and develop pleasant, capable characters.

Junior Development

Beginners : In this session, the emphasis is on learning all the different shots, how to move around court and learning to play competitive matches. The warm ups get players used to doing press ups, sit ups etc and encourages players to build their fitness. Coaching is then given in a particular shot or technique, and then players have the chance to put it into practice by playing against each other.

Intermediate / Advanced : This group already show reasonably good technique and fitness so the emphasis is on learning some of the more advanced aspects of the game, continual practice of underlying technique and playing competitive matches against each other.

Drill exercises build good technique and the introduction of a friendly “ladder” ensures players are always pushing their standard of play. This is usually highly effective at boosting the standard of play. Coaching is also given in the mental side of the game; dealing with losing, setting goals, learning to analyse their performance and think why they lost a game and what they are going to do differently next time.

Minimum Playing Standard : While we will teach almost anyone to play squash, to be fair to the other players, we set a minimum playing ability of being able to hit a ball with a racket and being able to move their legs in order to run round the court. It amazes us how many children we see who fail this test. If your player isn’t ready yet, spend time throwing, catching, bouncing a ball, throwing a ball against a wall and catching it - this will build up eye-hand coordination.

It is a sad reality that 70% of youngsters have given up active sport by the age of 13.

It is crucially important to allow young players to develop at their own pace and above all to make playing sport FUN ! Too great an emphasis on winning too early merely reinforces any pre-existing feelings of failure and serves to discourage youngsters from playing sport.

In Blackheath Junior Squash the emphasis is on making playing sport fun and allowing the player to develop at their own pace, practising good technique and playing games against each other that steadily become more competitive as the player matures.

Responsibility is encouraged and players are offered opportunities to help with scoring matches, leading warm ups, and running sessions to help develop well rounded, responsible players.