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Blackheath Junior Squash Syllabus - Intermediates Levels 4 - 6

Each week, we will concentrate on a different aspect of the game, enabling players to move up through the Levels as their proficiency increases. The sessions for the next term are shown below...

Level 4

15 Press Ups

Level 4 is the first of the Intermediate Levels. Here we are looking for good technique to develop. There are four key shots that must be deomonstrated :-

1. Drop shots need to be played properly, not just tapping the ball, but actively pushing it into place.

2. The players needs to be capable of playing boast shots from further back on the wall.

3. Players need to show they are starting to develop good technique for hitting the ball once it bounces off the back wall.

4. Players should be starting to use a Volley Drop in their games as an attacking shot.

20 Sit Ups

20 Squat Dips

45 Second Plank

Exhibit and demonstrate good grip

Start shots with racket up

Demonstrate good swing action

Keeps feet well inside markets placed 50 cm from wall when playing rally

Noticeably returns to "T" after every shot

Self feed and play 10 Drives back to self at Short Line

Play Boast Shots from deeper behind the Short Line

Run in to play drop shot, lunge, racket horizontal, push the ball, push back to "T"

Hit Lob v Front Wall, hits wall high, travels high, drops in back corner

Return serve straight down wall, after bounce

Throw ball to back wall, play straight drive. Feet in right place.

Play Volley Drop into front corner FH & BH

Name & Demonstrate 5 different shots to play from ball hit into "Dead Zone"

Player plays no more than 30% of shots into "Dead Zone"

Deliberately moves ball away from opponent

Catch ball onto racket FH & BH

Good knowledge of what a "let" is and when to ask for one

Referee a match using either American or English Scoring

Level 5

20 Press Ups

At Level 5, players should be starting to mature into confident players, adding to the range of shots available to them in any situation. New shots for this level :

1. Cross Court Drives as an attacking or defensive shot.

2. Cross Court Drops from the front of the court.

3. Drive serves

4. Volley Drives

10 Triceps Dips

30 Sit Ups

20 Squat Dips

60 Second Plank

Player can target Drive Shots towards mid court nick

Play drives to large sized targets from anywhere on court

Play Cross Court Drive to opposite back corner from ball fed to Service Box

Play boasts at varying depths - all to land on front wall low below the Cut Line and land in opposite front corner

Play Cross Court Drop to ball fed to each drop corner - all low, pushed, not hit and controlled

Run in from "T", play Lobs to both back corners

Play drive serve, aimed at wall, move to "T" straight away

Return serve straight down wall, either after bounce or on volley

Stand on "T", throw ball into corner, run to SIDE of ball, turn, play drive down the wall

Take ball high & volley straight down wall

Shows good side to side movement- check step, foot across, doesn't move foot too close to wall, leaves large gap for racket to work in. Feet NOT facing front wall in square on position

Name & Demonstrate 6 shots to play after a boast shot - drop, x ct drop, lob, x ct lob, drive, x ct drive

Plays no more than 20% of shots into the "Dead Zone" & more than 20% into corners

Player can devise a game strategy for playing an overweight player

Player can devise a game strategy for playing a player with a bad "pan handle" grip

Flick ball off wall towards other player - safely, accurately and under control

Demonstrates a working knowledge of the turning rule & its importance

Level 6

25 Press Ups

10 Triceps Dips

35 Sit Ups

20 Squat Dips

60 Second Plank

Able to at least touch toes

Self feed from back of court and hits long drives alternately above & below the Cut Line

Play drives to smaller targets form anywhere on court

Player from back of court plays high, long boast, bouncing the ball back to "T"

Play drop into each corner from mid and back court

Play lob on rear wall from ball thrown v rear wall

Can volley return straight down wall, ball mostly landing behind the Short Line

Can hold continuous rally on own, continuously overhitting Straight Drives and retrieving out from rear corner

Can play a volley boast to ball fed high on side wall

Play a rally but Coach can only play Drive, Boast & Drop, telegraphing shots. Player has to work out most likely shots and move BEFORE coach hits the ball

Bounce ball 50cm up in air, move racket in circular motion vertically around ball and then catch the ball on racket

Catch ball onto racket FH & BH

Familiar with how to play a left hander

Suggest strategies to speed up or slow down a game

Coach throws ball behind player - player moves to SIDE of ball before turning and playing a straight drive

Player can devise a game strategy for playing a player who runs well

Player can devise a game strategy for playing an ex-tennis player with good volley drops

Players plays shots not designed to kill the ball but to move the opponent around, building the rally

Players can recite the four Let / Stroke questions and interpret them in real life situations

Can ably referee a match using American or English Scoring, assertively calling shots that are "in" or "out"

Player stands at back and overhits long straight drive so bounces off rear wall. Continues playing overhit drives back to self on FH & BH

Player plays alternately lob and drive serves to main target area