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Recommended Equipment

I’m often asked what equipment parents can buy to help... So here’s my advice page on the equipment I have found to be the best, in order of importance.      As a rule, PLEASE BUY SHOES BEFORE RACKETS !

1. Squash Shoes

A good pair of squash shoes will do more to improve a child’s game than a new racket. If the extra grippiness can get a child to the ball that split second earlier, they will have more time to set up their shot and so play more winners.   Recommended Junior Squash Shoes :

Asics Gel Upcourt Court Shoes

2. Clothing

A smart pair of shorts for boys or a skort  (a pair of shorts with a skirt over the top) for girls and a sports top will do a lot to help the child take their game seriously. If they feel the part, they are more likely to act the part. Additionally, for the winter, a track suit (especially bottoms) and a fleece top will help keep them warm. Sports tracksuits have zips at the bottom of the leg so it is easier to get them over a player’s shoes.

3. Racket

There are three sizes of racket :-

Junior Racket - Ages 5 - 7 or 8 . At 56cm long this racket is ideal for smaller people who find it difficult to swing a full-sized racket.

Recommended rackets :   Wilson Pro Tour Junior Squash Racket

Intermediate Racket - Ages 7 - 12. At 63cm long, this is perfect for children who have outgrown the smaller rackets but who still just aren’t quite big enough to swing a full sized racket.

Recommended Rackets :  Karakal CSX Junior                    Head Nano Ti Junior Squash Racket

Adult Racket - Ages 13 - 14 +. Rackets vary in weight hugely, from the lightest at 100g to the heaviest, usually at round 180g, depending on what they are made of. For adults, the most popular weights are 140g and 150g, however, I usually recommend a lighter racket for teenagers and young adults, as their muscles are still not fully formed, and they will find it harder to learn good technique with a heavier racket. Between 100g and 135g should be ideal.

Recommended Rackets :  

Karakal SX100 Gel- at 100g the lightest racket there is      Head Microgel CT115 - 115g and very good value.

Sports Direct and Decathlon produce some very reasonably priced rackets but do look at the weight before buying.

4. Eye Protection

A squash ball is the same size as an eye socket, and while eye contact injuries are extremely rare, the consequences of one are unthinkable. Eye protection is mandatory for matches.

Recommended Eye Protection -  Dunlop iArmor Glasses Cheaper ones are available but rarely fit that well.

5. Grips

For children with large hands, an overgrip wrapped round the racket’s leather grip can add considerable comfort and extra grip - a new grip always improves my game. Karakal (a British firm !) are the world leaders in overgrips. eBay is often a good place to go to buy a box of them - any (proper) sports shop will sell them singly. I usually have a supply with me at £2 each (shops normally charge £3 +)

6. Squash Balls       Squash balls come in various speeds :-

Blue Dot

Starter Coaching Ball

Very bouncy

For coaching & Juniors

Red Dot

Intermediate Ball

Quite bouncy

Perfect for beginner matches

Single Yellow Dot

Junior Match Ball


Perfect for teenagers

Double Yellow Dot

Competition Ball

Very Slow

Used for adult matches